Gina's Tributes


Payam Tehrani
Executive Director of Product Management, Marketing Products,

"I've had the pleasure of working with Gina through several career transitions. She was instrumental in providing guidance on assessing each opportunity to ensure they elevated my career path. She presented points of view that I hadn't considered and offered suggestions on how to best gather the information I needed to make my decisions.

I've also had several circumstances at work where I needed an unbiased opinion from a trusted advisor outside of the company.  Gina was my go-to person, my sounding board; she would listen to the challenges that surfaced without judgment, and offered an insightful approach to navigate through each circumstance while maintaining my relationship with cross-functional team members and my leadership team.  Gina brings a ton of experience to the table and her insights and pragmatic approach to setting goals and getting results have been a major factor in my career development path."


Peggy Abkemeier-Alford
COO Asia Pacific, PayPal

"I have experienced first-hand, the value Gina can bring to an executive team. I immediately saw the collaborative leadership dynamic that Gina added to the team.  Gina always insisted that the teamwork aspect of executing as a leader is as important as the strategic focus.  It has been a privilege to work with her. Any company or individual will be better off after working with Gina."


John NortoN
Founding Investor,

"Gina is brilliant at understanding the complex and dynamic components of critical situations within an organization and in driving results through her unique vision, intelligence and ability to use teamwork effectively. Her rare leadership qualities consistently raise the bar for everyone surrounding her. was certainly lucky to have her help steward the company to its successful outcome."


Lisa Trufano
National Account executive, soci, inc.

"Having known Gina for over a decade, I've had the privilege to see her in action as a female executive leading her own teams to success, and more recently have called upon her insights and guidance as I maneuvered the changing landscape of my own developing career. Her advice has consistently been both practical and motivational, and while her skills and wisdom are certainly gender-neutral, I do find she is uniquely equipped to address the challenges and concerns that women sometimes encounter in the workplace."


Allan HunteR
Co-founder, Board Member of Oasis Residential, Inc. & Rent.Com

"I’ve worked closely with Gina at two of our startupsgenerating substantial revenues, profits, & triple-digit growth. Gina served our customers, associates, and shareholders in various upper-most executive positions, and I can honestly say our companies would not have attained their levels of success without her. Specifically, the value-add she brought to our enterprises was voluminous, including being able to thread the needle through an unending stream of flummoxing business challenges, building successful teams in a broad cross-section of functional areas to carry out the overriding goals of the companies, by leveraging her exceptional and natural leadership prowess (people want to follow her, and work along side her), and always starting with the customer experience, and working backwards to achieve optimal financial results, including stellar growth."


Mark Donovan
entrepreneur, consumer engagement specialist

"Every so often we get lucky enough in life to work with people who change our perspective on how to approach innovation.  Gina Anastasi is that person in my professional path.

I met Gina close to 15 years ago when building, which transformed the established customer acquisition model in residential real estate.  Gina’s unique sense of balancing strategy and execution with the most important asset of any organization, the team members, is a model for any Company starting from scratch or established organizations seeking ways to run more effectively.  Her keen ability to construct order out of chaos is an enabler that has and will generate enormous value to any CEO or embedded investor group. Since our time at, Gina’s guidance has been so impactful to me personally, that I consider her input an essential component of my strategic road mapping process when building out my own organizations."


Jon Funk
Venture Capitalist, Ocean Road Partners

"Gina Anastasi is one of the most talented and experienced senior management executives I’ve worked with in my 25 years backing startup companies.  She brings a compelling breadth of team-building, operations, administration and management skills to any organization. As an investor and Board member at, I was in the unique position to observe Gina as Chief Operating Officer as she was played a critical role and in managing and growing the organization from a startup to an exit for $435 million. Any organization will greatly benefit from adding her to its management resources as it works through rapid growth or organizational transitions."


Manuel Morin
COO, Command & Control Environments

"Gina was my mentor during the fastest period of professional and economic growth of my career. She is the epitome of a leader, teacher and professional with great business sense. The lessons I learned while working with Gina serve me every day in my career. To this day, ten years later, when dealing with strategic operational and organizational challenges, I often ask myself what would Gina do."


Bree Nguyen
Strategic Partnerships, Facebook

"Gina clearly demonstrated leadership skills that affected me in the work place and in my own professional aspirations. Her ability tobuild dynamic teams and to create a culture of excitement, energy and focus, left a lasting impression on me. She helped me learn how to build a motivated team and provide strategic focus for my own company. Working with Gina one-on-one as my executive coach has taught me invaluable, real-life lessons. She’s an excellent communicator and extremely insightful. She understands what it takes to help others succeed."


Andres moreno
Founder and Ceo, Open English

"Gina worked closely with us back when our team had a handful of people and no revenue. Now with over 2000 employees and contractors, as well as over 60,000 students in over 20 countries; I can look back and tell you that Gina had the foresight to see where our operational challenges would lay and had valuable early ideas on how to tackle them that we’ve now adopted. She’s a true asset to any growing organization."


Steve Griffith
Founder, High Performance Coaching

"If you’re ready to break through barriers that you or your organization may not even realize are holding you back from achieving the highest level of success, then you need to coach with Gina right away. She produces results and comes from an authentic place of truly caring and making a positive difference!"


Todd Katler
CEO, Anyone Home

"Gina has been an exceptional mentor for me professionally.  There are a lot of people who can guide you to choose the right behaviors; Gina takes the time to understand your strengths and weaknesses so you are not only choosing the right behaviors, but truly understanding why and how your actions impact others. The fact is that many years later, I still come to Gina for her insight and advice."


Jeffrey Rosen
President, Jeffrey rosen consulting

"As an operations executive for a publicly traded real estate investment trust Gina provided excellent leadership to a staff of over 550 employees and strong business acumen to achieve corporate objectives.  Her unique ability to recognize, understand, and execute complex business strategies made her an integral member of the executive team and a mentor to all who worked for her.  During a transitional part of my career Gina took it upon herself to create a “path for success” and provided the necessary guidance to help me achieve both business and personal goals."


Wendy Worcester
CFO, Anyone home, former CFO,

"I have been working with Gina for over 15 years.  She is able to step into new situations and determine the issues very quickly and efficiently and is able to have empathy for the individuals as they go through the changes that they and the company need to make in order to thrive and grow."


Ryan Owen
Co-Founder and chief strategy officer, Zurple, Inc.

"I have been impressed by Gina both as a personal and business mentor to me and as a business leader."