+ Do you only work in person?

Although I prefer to meet in-person, I often connect with my clients virtually. Ideally, at least the first meeting of our engagement is in-person.
With companies and businesses, where I am an embedded coach/consultant, the work we do together is entirely in their offices.

+ Are you willing to travel?

Yes, that is a viable option.

+ What does working with you look like?

Each client is unique, so my engagements are structured to meet the individual needs of the client. After some intake to understand your goals, I will propose an option, sometimes several options, for our work together in terms of length of time, and frequency of interaction. There are times during an engagement that my client needs more time and sometimes less and we easily work out those details. I also include spot coaching, as the unexpected is part of life!

+ Do you do intensives and/or group coaching sessions?

Yes, I do both of those, and they are sometimes part of individual and team engagements. Group sessions can be very effective in organizations that are growing and adding people or going through transitions. Teamwork is key to taking a company to the next level and that requires bringing people together for open and meaningful discussions.

+ Do you have a specialty?

My experience has proven without cohesive and collaborative teamwork it is very painful and difficult to be successful. So, regardless of your position or what your company does, understanding how your internal world is creating your external world, and realizing the very separate realities we all live in, is where we start. To say that it comes down to knowing yourself, communication and understanding how human beings operate is too simple, but it’s not far from the truth.
My former operational responsibilities means I have developed keen eyes and ears for noticing what’s working and what’s not. It is an area that with the right questions, from a caring, neutral party, I can help guide an organization to the next level.

+ What is your greatest value to a client?

One of the key values I provide, whether my client is an individual or an organization, is in my questions that deepen your understanding of yourself, the value of your wisdom and how you take that understanding into your world.
Working with a team or an organization, we co-create initiatives, and I work with you through distractions to ensure implementation, adjusting and modifying as it makes sense. I partner with you to clarify your vision and ensure it is supported through communication, structure and processes and, of course, your people and teams.

+ How do we start if I’m interested in seeing if we’re a good fit?

Having an in-depth coaching session with me is the best way to know if it’s the right choice. I’m easy to talk to, so don’t hesitate to reach out if you want to discuss this next step.