About My Services

My coaching services include phone and/or in-person individual sessions, team sessions, facilitation, off-sites and small coaching groups. I also have experience as an embedded coach, particularly helpful for growing organizations. An in-depth assessment in the beginning will help us clarify the goal so we can then co-create a plan for our engagement.

"Good leadership brings out the innate leadership in others."
Manning, Charbit, Krot

Selected Client Requests

  • How can I build trust on my team?
  • I know we are missing some opportunities due to morale/ productivity/politics/other disruption. How do we get back on track?
  • How can I effectively grow my team/add new hires and keep everyone engaged?
  • I want to be a more effective leader to take advantage of a new career promotion/job opportunity. What do I have to work on to make this happen?
  • We are growing. What should my organization look like and how do I manage through this transition so we don’t lose focus?
  • How can I best develop people that I think have a lot of potential?
  • I am assessing a couple of new job opportunities and need some help working through the decision-making process.
  • As an individual on a team, how can I make a bigger impact?
  • We need to do a better job creating customer satisfaction. What do we need to address?