People Create Success


Engaged people are more creative, collaborative
and perform at a higher level.

Understanding the relationship between our inner mindset and performance can transform a company, a team, an individual, and inform important decisions. My work as a business and executive coach incorporates deepening this understanding while working with you through your real time situations. Achieving and sustaining results starts from the inside-out, raising your leadership consciousness first, so you can bring out the best in your teammates. 

“Organizations don’t transform, people do.”
R. Anderson and W. Adams

My work is both transactional and transformational.

What sets me apart is my high level of engagement with every client. My singular focus is my clients' desire for tapping into their potential and a deeper, more satisfying connection to their professional life. 

To be effective, my programs can only be customized and personalized for each unique client. I don’t have a set methodology. Rather, my work is grounded in first understanding and discovering the nuances of each situation—people, opportunities, obstacles -- and then co-creating a thoughtful plan with you to implement to achieve your desired outcome. I partner with you through the entire implementation process. 

My work is not industry specific; clients have been in various industries: technology, online media, lead gen, online retail, online and offline real estate, marketing services, financial, design and tech support firms and non-profits. 


From ideas to creation; from questions to decisions

My clients benefit from having my fresh perspective from a neutral third party. I am an extra set of experienced eyes and ears. As my client gains greater understanding and their own insights, it is easier to identify and close gaps and create solutions that will accelerate progress. Because I work with you in real time, you have a readily accessible resource to partner with you as you work through your plan and decision-making ensuring clarity and alignment.

As a retained coach with an organization or team or in a one-to-one with an individual client, these are typical areas of focus:


  • Building Trust and Team Dynamics
  • Leadership Development
  • Operational and Process Development
  • Rebuilding and Restructuring Organizations
  • Career and Professional Advancement

My clients have seen their company cultures and performance transformed resulting in highly engaged, accountable and happy employees creating significant profits.

I have worked with clients to align their vision throughout the organization, develop commitment at all levels and establish better communication and effective feedback processes. 

Clients have seen improved internal communication, more effective meetings, and employees with new roles and/or expanded responsibilities succeeding and growing in their leadership capabilities. 

Through honest and open discussions, my clients have also experienced more collaborative teamwork and productivity, and a renewed excitement for their work.

“The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.”
George Bernard Shaw
  • Gina was my go-to person, my sounding board; she would listen to the challenges that surfaced without judgment, and offered an insightful approach to navigate through each circumstance while maintaining my relationship with cross-functional team members and my leadership team."
    — Payam Tehrani, Executive Director of Product Management, Marketing Products,
  • I’ve worked closely with Gina at two of our startups, generating substantial revenues, profits, & triple-digit growth. Gina served our customers, associates, and shareholders in various upper-most executive positions, and I can honestly say our companies would not have attained their levels of success without her."
    — Allan Hunter, Co-Founder, Board Member of Oasis Residential, Inc. &
  • Gina’s unique sense of balancing strategy and execution with the most important asset of any organization, the team members, is a model for any Company starting from scratch or established organizations seeking ways to run more effectively."
    — Mark Donovan, COO/Entreprenreur Consumer Engagement
  • Gina was my mentor during the fastest period of professional and economic growth of my career. She is the epitome of a leader, teacher and professional with great business sense. The lessons I learned while working with Gina serve me every day in my career. To this day, ten years later, when dealing with strategic operational and organizational challenges, I often ask myself what would Gina do."
    — Manuel Morin, COO, Command & Control Environments