Benefits and Results

Fresh Perspective, Deeper Insight

Most of us cannot see our own blind spots without some outside guidance.  I help my clients access their inner wisdom and insight, by asking deeper questions and challenging their current belief boundaries. This provides greater capacity to see with more clarity and make better decisions.


Happy, Productive Employees

Without question, the inner game drives the outer game. Working with my clients, I help deepen their understanding of what drives them or their employees to perform. Aligning and effectively communicating the vision throughout the organization, builds trust, commitment and ownership at all levels. The result is greater leadership and engagement, which translates to happier and more productive employees.


Improved Communication

Leadership takes place in every conversation, email, call and meeting. With clarity of alignment and initiative implementation support, I have helped clients improve internal communication, have more effective meetings, develop successful employees with new roles and/or expanded responsibilities and grow leadership at every level.


Teamwork and Enthusiasm

Individuals working together as a team drive success. Google’s 3-year research Project Aristotle, to determine how to create successful teams, found the single most important determinant was the leader’s ability to foster a psychologically safe environment for their team members. Working with clients and encouraging this level of honesty, empathy and vulnerability, has resulted in teams with greater trust, better communication and more innovative solutions.